Miss WANTOK from August 2006 to August 2014.

© Audiovisual Creative Anthropology, Wantok World, Wantok Production, concept creator, 2006 Paris

WANTOK PRODUCTION aimed at strengthening clients’ internal and external communication thanks to a deep dive anthropological approach based on a close relationship with the company culture and its employees’ unique identity. WANTOK PRODUCTION revisited the classical approach of institutional films and contributed to its clients’ corporate citizenship.

WANTOK PRODUCTION was also developing anthropological documentaries in France, Vietnam, Brazil and Kenya with established local co-productions and partnerships.

Everything started in August 2006
at the age of 26, I created WANTOK PRODUCTION * WANTOK WORLD
Collaborating with freelancers, other production companies and clients on an international span offered a very stimulating environment, which allowed me to be innovative and creative.

My background in Marketing, in Interactive, Journalistic, Broadcasting Communication & Multimedia, and in Anthropology Documentary & Cinema has been a blessing when helping others to achieve their dreams.

It was essential to share and connect with people from different backgrounds, nationalities and ages.
I loved challenges, working with diverse environments, using my creativity to accomplish results and meet with the employees, clients & suppliers expectations.

WANTOK PRODUCTION has been a wonderful company and a beautiful adventure – I gave everything to develop the projects. Excellence has always been part of my values.

After achieving a great success, I closed the website “wantokworld” and the company in August 2014 to focus on my passion for Athletics for which I won a  Bronze medal at the World Masters 2015 in France and two silvers at the World Masters 2016 in Australia – with RFEA (Spanish Athletics Royal Federation), Portuguese National Record at the European Masters indoor 2018 in Spain – with FPA (Portuguese Athletics Federation), Silver (60 meters) and Bronze (200 meters) at the French Nationals in Liévin 2018, Bronze medal at the European Masters 2019 in Italy – with FFA (French Athletics Federation), Gold (100 – 200 meters) at the Portuguese Nationals in Lisboa 2020.

Communications and Project Management
Interactive Communication and Multimedia
Music Design
Web Design
Nutrition and Well-being
Elite Sport
Certified International Professional Coach

8 thoughts on “WANTOK WORLD

  1. Working with Corinne has been a pleasure; she is a great professional and has some real talents in filming people. Corinne, I miss the time and fun we had together!
    Ariane Labadens, Schlumberger

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  2. Su Corinne teko dirbti prie projekto Vietname. Ji yra aukšto lygio profesionalė, It kentauras, ji suaugusi su kamera. Corinne jautri, dėmesinga detalei, moka girdėti, reaguoti, klausti. Dėl savo projekto/idėjos ji gali kalnus nuversti. Rekomenduoju su ja dirbti
    Vita Vilimaitė Lefebvre Delattre, žurnalas “Moteris”.

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  3. Excellent souvenir de Corinne,assistante mise-en scène sur le film “Un fil à la patte” de Michel Deville.. efficace, positive et toujours souriante !

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  4. Corinne has an amazing combination of professional mastery in different fields combined with an ability to work with teams in a constructive way as well as offering creative ideas. All of the above is offered with such a commitment to the overall goal no matter how much time and effort are required.I highly recommend Corinne! I never came across such a committed person who always honors her words.To top it all it is truly a pleasure working with Corinne. I am looking forward to the next project where we could collaborate again.
    Simone Amber CEO Fab Lab Connect

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  5. I worked with Corinne for five years when she was a consultant for our non-profit science-education group in the oil industry. It’s hard to imagine that two people that were separated by half the world could work “closely” together, but we did. The entire group felt an intimacy with Corinne because of her excellent communications skills, her passion for the work, and her personal warmth. Her results were always on time and above expectations. I miss the days when we worked together, but am grateful that we remain friends and respected compadres in our current lives.
    Love Zubiller
    San Diego, USA

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  6. Meeting Corinne and learning of her advocacies and passion was indeed infectious. Her use of different modes of communicating her passion and what is in her mind and heart transcends through her work. I was fortunate to collaborate with her primarily in producing and touring my work on former gang members in the Philippines. It was an unforgettable experience with her teaching me on how to reach out and talk to different audiences. This has changed my perception of how to show and talk about my work and to effectively get my message across without prejudice.

    We also worked on private fundraising efforts for disenfranchised children in Manila, Philippines. This was her way of giving back outside of an ‘official’ capacity and was purely out of her heart. Inspiring and admirable. One of the best collaborations I ever had with my work and a friendship to last.



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  7. Carnaval na Sapucaí é uma festa de todos. Com alegria, brilho, suor, comprometimento com o fazer bem. Mas é um momento de mostrar o trabalho de um ano inteiro de preparação. Artistas prontos pra dar o que tem de melhor. Sua alma cheia de amor. E a Sapucaí recebe estes artistas em toda sua glória.
    Os ensaios são exaustivos, comprometidos. Um esforço de várias pessoas comuns em prol de um show especial. A alegria de entrar na Sapucaí e mostrar que cada um pode ser o que quiser. E a Sapucaí generosa e exigente que é, recebe cada um com os braços abertos. Sejamos felizes.
    Parabéns Corinne por dividir com todos uma vida com lindas experiências!

    Carnival in Sapucai is a party of all. With joy, shine, sweat, commitment to do well. But it is a time to show the work of a whole year of preparation. Artists ready to give ypur best. Your soul full of love. And Sapucai receives these artists in all its glory.
    Assays are exhaustive compromised. An effort of several ordinary people for a special show. The joy of entering Sapucaí and showing that everyone can be anything you want. And Sapucaí, generous and demanding, receives each one with open arms. Let’s be happy.
    Congratulations Corinne for sharing with everyone a life with beautiful experiences!

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